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Armenian gift receives a Christmas gift

This year’s annual appeal supports emergency aid in Syria, refugees in Lebanon and the women’s health project in Armenia. Our dedicated team is ready to put your gift into action. For more practical ways to make a personal impact, look over the gifts that you can make possible below.

Bring healing to Syria
Make a lasting change in Armenia
Care for vulnerable children
Give hope to teens and the elderly in Lebanon
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Touch the hearts of loved ones when you share one of these blessings in their honor!

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Bring healing to war-torn Syria

JMP-Syria country director Talin Topalakian explains how once active citizens, now devastated by years of war and unemployment, are left “feeling helpless, hopeless, and depressed.” We provide vital financial assistance to families crippled by debt, major illness, and rapid inflation.

Most of these families are living as refugees in their own country—displaced from homes too dangerous or damaged to inhabit. This winter families are suffering from lack of heat. JMP fuel distribution brings relief when fuel is scarce and expensive. Many areas are also completely without electricity which is only available through shared neighborhood generators.

Assisting with medical services has been a hallmark of Jinishian’s work since the beginning. Nowadays, clients are increasing due to fewer health professionals, resources, and the rising costs and risks of importing equipment. War also creates new health problems. Young fathers, feeling helpless to sustain their families, experience high anxiety leading to serious heart disease and many deaths. JMP has stepped in to help with life-saving heart surgery.

In continuing response to the many casualties within Armenian Syrian communities, JMP assists with critical treatment and hospitalization. Your gift will help us bring hope to the desperate soul of a burned or injured person.

You can do something. Give concrete help in the face of violence, scarcity, and homelessness.

What can I give?

One week of electricity $6-20

Prescriptions for unemployed patient $16

Cancer screening/gynecological exam $50

Cover one-month of rent $100/family

Keep a family warm with winter fuel $100

Support a family of four for one month $300

Medical care for war victim $100 to $1000

Chemotherapy for a cancer patient $500

Treatment for diabetic patient $500

Heart surgery assistance $1000

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Make a lasting change in Armenia

Armenia has the highest death rate for breast cancer in the world. Our newest program brings free screenings to women in Vardenis with no other access to care.

Over the last 30 years, the Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) in Armenia is known for its impact on prenatal and infant care. More recently, our effort to eradicate developmental hip displacement through early intervention has established a network of specialists and equipment needed to prevent a lifetime of disability.

JMF is also a champion for those with special needs as they grow older. Specialized summer camps with art therapy and Bocce ball provide barrier-free outdoor experiences and life skills training. Program coordinator Alina Hovhannisyan says campers get to “try new experiences in order to gain self-confidence, learn cooperation and communication, and increase independence in a safe, fun environment.”

With a goal to build strong communities, JMF civic action grants empower university students in out-lying regions to engage in the nation’s economic, social, and political development. Give these students a chance to lead their communities in positive change.

Young people are helping transform this country. Our debate clubs for high school and college students help develop responsible citizens and leaders in Armenia’s young democracy.

What can I give?

Cancer screening for one woman $42

Debate club participation $50/student

Walker for a child with hip dysplasia $200

Doctor training and infant ultrasound screening table $800

Summer camp for disabled $80

University student civic action grant $400

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Care for vulnerable Children

For children traumatized by war—driven from their homes, parents kidnapped or killed—the Jinishian Memorial Program provides not only material needs, but a chance to smile.

“These children have been witnessing and experiencing violence for five years. They risk losing hope and are deprived of their most basic rights,” says JMP-Syria country director Talin Topalakian. She began organizing children’s programs throughout the year to provide education, treatment, and counseling, but also to share a meal and time to socialize and laugh. Children come away encouraged, with packages of nutritious snacks and small gifts.

School expenses are an additional burden for struggling Syrian families. Jinishian grants for registration and school supplies give children the chance to stay in school.

The Jinishian Memorial Foundation in Armenia has a lively tradition of Christmas events for children. Games and Christmas gifts bring joy and blessing to these precious little ones.

What can I give?

Children’s program in Syria $10/child

School registration fee in Syria $60/student

School supplies in Syria $20/student

Holiday party and gift (clothing, toys) for orphaned or disabled child in Armenia $35

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Give hope to teenagers and the elderly in Lebanon

For a decade, JMP-Lebanon has been working to transform the next generation of young women otherwise destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. According to country director Pauline Sagherian: “Our unique, faith-based, self-development program empowers teen girls with vocational and life skills needed to realize a better future.”

In Beirut, JMP is also known for its health services to the Armenian community. Diabetes is a major epidemic in Lebanon, increasing the risk of heart disease and death. Many diabetics rely on medications provided by JMP. Similarly, the most common surgery older clients face is for cataracts, yet needy patients risk losing their sight for lack of health coverage.

Elderly care is another hallmark of JMP-Lebanon. Stipends help with daily expenses for those without resources, in some cases for such basic needs as running water. In addition, special gatherings offer friendship and spiritual uplift through activities such as visiting a monastery.

What can I give?

Vocational program for teen $25/week

Transportation to teen training center $50

Diabetes medication for chronically ill $50

Senior group recreation & meal $16/person

Water bill for one year $200

Cataract surgery for $300/eye

Support elderly living alone $10/day

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Touch the hearts of loved ones when you share one of these blessings in their honor!
Christmas card printable