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Jinishian Memorial Program’s informative newsletter for Presbyterian and Armenian congregations and communities offers the opportunity to learn about our work, to hear the stories of the people we serve, and to find out ways to partner with us. We welcome your suggestions for the newsletter on topics of interest to you. Please let us know your address if we do not already have it on file.

Winter 2016: Meet the survivors who remind us that God is with us in our struggles: A young father and refugee in Lebanon finds purpose after heart-breaking loss; Mobile clinics aims to reverse women’s health crisis in Armenia; Syrian family is making a life against the odds. | Download

Spring 2016:  There is hope after a century of atheism and genocide. Read the story of an ancient village overlooking Ararat where Jinishian programs are sharing faith in Christ with a new generation of Armenian children and inspiring an economic revival for farmers . Plus, a new tour, new events, and new partners prove that JMP is on the move. | Download

Fall 2015: Sheltering a family in Syria where war has driven them from their home. Aiding refugees and the unemployed in Lebanon. Bringing life-saving cancer screenings to remote Armenia. The Christmas catalog returns. | Download

Fall 2014: Stories highlight the breadth of Jinishian’s impact and then itemize specific key needs: Relieving wartime struggles in Syria; Bringing joy to children in need throughout the Middle East; Reversing the fate of at-risk teens, providing vital health outreach and elder-care in Lebanon; A vision of lasting change for a stronger Armenia. | Download

Spring 2014: Presbyterians call for genocide recognition; Survivors in Syria have a legacy of faith; At-risk teens in Lebanon find hope; Armenian youth compete in international debate competition. | Download

Fall 2013: Along with fine-tuned relief work, we continue the long-term development work you see in this issue. Micro-loan success stories offer a glimpse of how Jinishian helps families and communities experience lasting change. Those projects bring hope and provide a foundation for a better future. | Download

The Spring 2013 issue tells stories of resolve, courage and ingenuity in the face of the tragic, and often unforeseeable, consequences of war. Jinishian has brought compassion where there is brutality, dedication where there was neglect, and adaptability even when the obstacles surround us on all sides. | Download

The Fall 2012 issue includes: Courageous partners in Syria continue critical health care programs; Working in community reduces and prevents human suffering in Lebanon; Thousands of Armenian children learn to live in peace and love. | Download

The Spring 2012 issue gives a 50-year history and update  of the Jinishian Memorial Program in response to the many inquiries from our readers and supporters. | Download

The Fall 2011 issue lifts up success stories that enhance the meaning of Thanksgiving. | Download

The Spring 2011 issue is devoted to spiritual uplift projects conducted in different sites by Jinishian staff and volunteers. | Download

The first issue, Fall 2010, features stories of those that Jinishian Memorial Program serves and opportunities partner with us. | Download