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Women’s Leadership Development and Young Women’s Ministries is a national ministry of the Presbyterian Mission Agency operating within Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries. The office provides opportunities for all women in the church as well as young women (ages 18-35) who are considering leadership roles in the church. The office sponsor leadership development trainings, organize national and regional events that offer young women leadership training and opportunities for networking with peers and mentors, as well as advocating on behalf of women’s justice issues, we partner with other PCUSA entities and related organizations to increase women’s voices and representation in the church. We help women develop their gifts and skills for ministry with scholarship assistance through the Katie Geneva Cannon Scholarship fund and other funding assistance.

Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday

Favorecida | by Vilmarie Cintron-Olivieri | March 5, 2023

This year, Celebrate the Gifts of Women reflects on who Mary is, her prayerful song and the sisterhood between Mary and Elizabeth. Mary had little to no influence in her world, yet the angel called her “favored” (Lk. 1:28), favorecida.  We have been called—individually and collectively—to be partners in the building of God’s kin-dom, that Jesus pro- claimed. While we may encounter biases, preconceptions or misconceptions about gender, identity, race, age and personal or physical conditions, we know that God calls and empowers us to minister in our families, communities and the world.

Though Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday is March 5, 2023, congregations or women’s groups may use the resource on any day chosen to honor women’s survival during challenging circumstances.

2023 Celebrate the Gifts of Women
2023 celebración de los dones de las mujeres
2023 여성 은사 주일

February is Black History Month here’s some ideas and links that can be helpful:

How to Honor and Celebrate Black History Month

Dig into the rich Black histories of the past. …
Research Black institutions and organizations. …
Seek out inspirational Black voices of the present. …
Bring Black experiences to life with books. …
Even more ways to celebrate Black art & culture. …
Get involved in your own community. …

Click on this link for more information:


In the area of Young Women’s Ministries, the office focuses on Presbyterian College-aged women and young women of color (ages 18-35) whose leadership reflects the diversity of today’s church. The ministry offers opportunities for: leadership development, social advocacy and education, networking and mentoring, and PMA scholarships for PC(USA) members seeking their first undergraduate degree.

Seminarians of Color

The office also sponsors the Annual Conference for Seminarians of Color that helps seminarians prepare to serve in leadership roles throughout the denomination.

Watch the seminarians of color video here:
Seminarians (Short) — https://vimeo.com/user3608103/download/383435615/fd21e543d9
Seminarians (Long) — https://vimeo.com/user3608103/download/371004508/eebbdd4143

Check out their website at: https://www.seminariansofcolor.com/

Scholarships and Grant Applications

RE&WIM grant and scholarship applications are for individuals seeking assistance with education, leadership and professional development opportunities, and grants are for congregations developing programs for their local communities.

Download here:
RE&WIM Grant Application       RE&WIM Scholarship Application

PC(USA) Washington office calls for support of Women’s Health Protection Act

Presbyterian General Assembly policy from 2012 and 1970 cited in support of legislation.


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