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Supporting Leaders of Youth Ministry


NEW Basics of Youth Ministry (PYWA)

Forms, Forms, Forms (PYWA)

Things I Learned in My First Year: Part Two Tips from a New Full-Time Youth Worker (PYWA)

Things We’ve Learned in Youth Ministry: Part One Tips from Seasoned Youth Workers (PYWA)

Recruiting and Supporting Youth Leaders (PYWA)

Social/Emotional Health (78)

5 Steps to Effective Budgeting (13)

Around the Corner: 10 Places to Go With Young People in Your Community (43)

Called to Serve: Ideas for commissioning, equipping and nurturing your youth workers (41)

Care Packages for College Age/Post High School Young People (35)

Caring for People and Families in Crisis (70)

Christian Formation A-G (63)

Christian Formation Conversation Starters (67)

College Reunions at the holidays or anytime (48)

Conversation Starters: Informal, Last Minute, Off the Cuff Chats with Youth (34)

“Digital, Mobile and Social”: Dealing with, managing and incorporating technology into youth ministry (33)

Engaging with Young People (53)

Fundraising for Youth Ministry (27)

Important Forms for Safety and Community in Youth Ministry (37)

It Takes a Village (15)

No Youth “Youth Ministry” (58)

Ordaining Young People as Ruling Elders (68)

Road-trips in a Recession: Creative Ways to Fundraise and Support Local and Global Ministries on a Small Budget (14)

Shaping Your Youth Ministry Language (55)

Small Blessings (56)

Spirituality Centers for Youth Leaders (7)

Staying Connected to College Students (5)

Still Crazy After All These Years:  Educational Ministry for the Long Haul (74)

Sunday School Wasn’t Working:  A Case Study of One Church’s Shift to Try a New Approach (64)

Teaching “The Talk”: Helping Parents Talk with Their Youth About Sex (31)

They Are a Child of God: When your child is in the youth group (44)

Transitioning Teens (18)

We Couldn’t Do It Without You! Recruiting and Supporting Volunteers (24)

Youth Church and World Emphasis

Youth Ministry Uncontained (29)

Youth Sunday Worship (57)

Stay Home Stay Connected (PYWA)