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The 1001 New Worshiping Community Residency – Serious Juju

2021-2022 – An Invitation

Applicants are sought for a one-year 1001 New Worshiping Community residency established by Serious JuJu Skateboard Ministry in Kalispell, Montana located within Glacier Presbytery.  Serious JuJu is one of the PCUSA’s 1001 New Worshiping Communities.

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by March 15, 2021.

A Pastoral Resident is sought to serve the community of Serious JuJu Skateboard Ministry in Kalispell, Montana for one-year, a 1001 New Worshiping Community located in Glacier Presbytery. Serious JuJu serves the invisible of the valley while celebrating the incredible athletic feat of skateboarding. Being a skater, yourself, is a bonus but not a requirement. In northwest Montana, the Flathead Valley is a community of interconnected small towns, each with their own flavor, all of whom value public lands, wilderness, and quality of life in the outdoors –especially Glacier National Park. Pastoral Residents would begin their ministry between July-August. 

A JuJu 1001 NWC Resident would have the opportunity to experience ministry intersecting streets and schools, mental and spiritual health, justice and vulnerability, skateboarders and city leaders, victim and abuser, economic stratification and a generous Gospel. We are good at this ministry and still, we can do better.  

Throughout the global pandemic, Serious JuJu continues to foster a generous, adaptive, and life-changing community of skateboarders and those who love them. In the pandemic we have delivered over 700 boxes of food to hungry kids and their families, and discovered our best skate ministry yet -Small Group Skates. In small groups, kids are engaging in interactive storytelling as we engage our Creator and join together in community sacraments. See our Winter Newsletter Here.  

We invite you to meet our skaters and learn more about us on our website:

Each skate night in the warehouse we witness the perseverance, brilliance, heights and falls of skaters. We become their witnesses. The hungry are fed. The cast aside are welcomed in, seen, called by name and blessed. The weak in spirit find new heights and resilience in their skateboarding. The downcast are lifted up. The despairing find comfort and joy. Chaos keeps a strong under-toe of instability and upheaval for our kids. About 75% of our skateboarders have endured high doses of trauma: incarceration of family members, homelessness and compromised housing, family additions, abandonment, neglect, assault, and abuse which make them vulnerable to early drop out from education, illness, suicide, risky behavior and incarceration. Serious JuJu is a tribe and supportive community for kids who often have none. This is who we are: we bless bread and share it near and far; we bless and cheer skateboarders; we see kids often not seen; we strengthen kids to make good decisions and learn from mistakes; and we take their pain and their lives seriously trusting love heals. This is the Gospel.  

As our JuJu Resident, you will become part of the JuJu tribe: helping inspire and influence our local community, respond to crisis, advocate, accompany and applaud skaters, serve as an ambassador of Christ to a variety of interfaith congregations, witness the strength of key community partnerships and the blessing of over 140 donors enthused by this nimble, impactful community. In the Flathead Valley, recreation is a core common value among all types of people. Recreation can become a form of re-creation helping us seek health in the long cloudy, cold winter months –and as skateboarders will show you– animating us throughout the long summer days. JuJu respects a seasonal flow: opening the warehouse more in the winter and reaching out to the local skate parks in the summer. 

As a Resident, you will work alongside Pastor Miriam who serves as our Community Pastor and Executive Director – called to serve both our skateboarders and our broader community. Occasionally, we provide worship services aimed to embrace the wider community around topics and needs unaddressed. In the past we have extended our food ministry to skateboarders to food ministry to our neighbors and partners experiencing hunger crisis on local indigenous nations. This summer, we hope to provide skate camps for migrant Cherry Pickers’ children and our friends on the Blackfeet Nation. We host a summer skate competition, participate in the 4th of July Parade, celebrate baptism in the local river, remove graffiti from skate parks as needed, attend city council meetings when we can advocate for the under-represented in our tribe and stand in partnership with others. You will experience exhilaration in serving Christ and great disappointment. Lives are messy. Suffering is real. Love heals.  

The JuJu Board commits to pray for you, learn about you, listen to you, reflect the gifts we see in you, offer counsel, perspective and critical feedback suited for growth. We commit to take you seriously and support you and your family. We have high expectations; yet promise to celebrate failures, graces and successes. We avail ourselves to you as a team and sounding board as you absorb, adjust, reflect, meditate and seek to remain open to God and this community. Pastor Miriam Mauritzen will serve as your direct day-to-day supervisor. Weekly check-ins will forecast goals and coffee hour will supply conversation about ministry guided by the Resident’s agenda and needs. Monthly supervisory meal with guests from the Board, community, and partners will allow for networking, reflection and feedback. Every 3 months, Board representatives will review and celebrate your work. 

We are also open to part-time and ¾ time applicants and will assist you and any family in finding housing.

Financial Support: The total package available for support of this residency is $48,000 with an additional $1,500 in medical reimbursements.

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by MARCH 15, 2021.

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Miriam Mauritzen, Community Pastor & Executive Director
(406) 212-0999

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Cover letter including:

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Application deadline is March 15, 2021 or when the position has been filled.  Questions? Contact Miriam Mauritzen, at or Sara Hayden at

Email your completed application and cover letter to the following persons:

Miriam Mauritzen at
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