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Cooperatives rock!

In Nepal, people are reviving traditional farming. Producer cooperatives help farmers retain more profits on traditional and local food crops, while also protecting biodiversity and the health of their families. I was thinking how cooperatives are the wave of the future in farming, so plugged in that phrase and sure enough – Value-added cooperatives: Wave of the Future? was at the top of the list. Here in the United States, Organic Valley Cooperative is a example of a large, successful producer cooperative that continues to grow and diversity. Then of course, there is the worker-owned cooperative of Equal Exchange, our partner in the Presbyterian Coffee Project. Co-ops rock.

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I’m an idiot

Each year! This would translate into 100s of new jobs. Based on other cities, Dan estimates about a 1,000 jobs would be created. If your town or city is anything like Louisville, you could use more good jobs, right? Deep thinkers might wonder if new jobs in your town would cause the loss of jobs somewhere else. Fortunately it doesn’t work like that. While a few jobs might be lost in various locations in the US or overseas, the reason why a small shift to local purchasing -10 cents on the dollar – creates so much new wealth and jobs is the power of local money circulation.

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