Farm Bill Time!

It’s time to begin raising our voices about the kind of food and agriculture we want for our towns, states and country — a food system that is equitable and sustainable! One that ensures the right to food for all and supports the workers and farmers who feed us!

With that goal in mind, we’ve created the 2023 Eater’s Guide to the Farm Bill in collaboration with the Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition in Louisville, Ky.  It is complete with questions you can ask your local, state or federal candidates and sitting civil servants.

Hot off the press, you can download the Guide by clicking on this button and begin using it with your congregation and others in your community.

This hard-working bill covers everythingfrom crop insurance to community food projects, from Meals on Wheels and SNAP (food stamps) to energy, conservation, and international food aid.

Platform for a Fair Farm Bill

  1. Strengthen food security and regional food systems
  2. Equitable access to resources and land
  3. Land, environment, and climate justice
  4. Protect food chain workers, producers and farmers
  5. Strengthen food sovereignty everywhere

Read the Platform and learn more on the
Fair Farm Bill page!

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