King Corn

Coming soon are the final installment of Organic Versus GMO and more on the food crisis. In the meantime, KING CORN rules.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting the co-producers and stars of the documentary, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, at a pre-release showing at a Kellogg Foundation conference. (Don’t you love the not unintentional irony of the King of Corn Flakes showing King Corn?) Not only is the film highly entertaining, it educates about the aristocratic status corn maintains in our U.S. and global food system.

A colleague from the Community Food Security Coalition, which is a PC(USA) partner and grantee of the Hunger Program, has written a great review of King Corn on her blog.

You can also visit the great King Corn site (with trailer, reviews and action items), the Corn Association Refiners Statement on King Corn, and the You Tube of King Corn. (PCUSA employees have had their You Tube and Web 2.0 sites blocked, so you are on your own with that last link. But know that your donations to the PC(USA) are not going for employees social networking habits!)