The intimacies of what’s in my stomach

Eating_banana My now teenage son thinks I’m crazy. The feeling is mutual. His recent comment was “Why are you always talking about organic. Pesticides aren’t bad for me.”

Well, I am no longer a teenager, and therefore am not immortal. So I did a survey of my breakfast this morning to see how “pure” I was, even though I know that roughly 25% of organic food has pesticide residues.

– High fiber cereal (Organic, Whole Foods Brand)
– Fair Trade banana (Organic, Wild Oats, next door to Whole Foods)
– Raisins (Food co-op ordered with friends from Waldorf School)
– 1% milk (Organic, Wild Oats)
– Dollop of yogurt (Organic, mostly biodynamic, Seven Stars Farm)

Wow. Sounds so yuppie. But I was pleased despite the fact that most the ingredients traveled a long way to my bowl (which, by the way, had some miles on it since it was carried back from Japan where my in-laws live). I took some consolation in our Tuesday and Thursday breakfasts, as the eggs we eat are laid just across the Ohio River.

What did you have for breakfast?