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Gender, Race, Environment: Ecowomanism

How do gender and race relate to an environmental ethic? The connection between women and the earth is often seen as both empowering and paradoxical. Because of the hierarchical dualisms that function normatively in Christian and Western thought (i.e. spirit vs. body, male vs. female, heaven vs. earth), there are many ways in which the feminine has been devalued within the tradition. At the same time, the connection that women have with the earth has often been celebrated. For example, a parallel is often drawn between an image of a woman as creator, (creative producer of ideas, thoughts, ethical systems, agency, communities, children, adopted children, space, food) and the earth as a “mother” who also creates.

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Gender and Climate Change resource available

Having lived through tornado, sun, and snow within the last four days, climate change is not terribly far from my mind. Not that these particular weather incidents are directly connected as far as we know, but they certainly are the kinds of fluctuations that have been expected to increase with climate change.   So, when someone… Read more »