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Middle East

E862700 – Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF)

Medical Benevolence Foundation has supported healing ministries and programs in over 100 hospitals and clinics throughout the world since 1964. Funds continue to be needed to support medical ministries in developing countries. MBF is a validated mission working in partnership with PC(USA), congregations, individuals, and mission networks. Your donation financially supports mission hospitals, rural clinics,… Read more »

E052120 – Ministries with Iranians in Diaspora

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have become refugees throughout Europe and the Middle East in recent years. Many of them are Reformed Christians. This ECO will enable PC(USA) to minister to their spiritual and physical needs in partnership with European and Middle Eastern churches. (E052120)

OG300000 – OGHS Hunger General

Contributions to OGHS designated specifically for the Presbyterian Hunger Program to address famine, alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.(OG300000)

E200485 – Professor at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

Mike Parker teaches church history at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) through a joint appointment with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. “My job is to teach students and also be a mentor for them,” he says. “ETSC provides leaders for the Egyptian church as well as for [other] churches in the region.”… Read more »

E051208 – Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, Gender Justice Advocacy

The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations equips women and men from around the world to use international institutions and human rights documents to advocate for women’s rights guided by policies of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). People of faith equipped to advocate for gender justice from a faith perspective both in… Read more »

E862701 – International Health and Development

Much of the world’s population struggles to live in a vicious cycle of poverty and disease. International Health and Development assists PC(USA) overseas partner churches implement and sustain long-term health and development projects that address local needs, respond to the underlying causes of disease and model justice and compassion for everyone. Contributions to this ECO… Read more »

SO999999 – Presbyterian Giving Catalog

Grace and Gratitude: As Presbyterians, we are a people rooted in the grace of Jesus Christ. It is our gratitude for God’s grace that moves us to join in God’s mission in the world, with ministries of love and justice, reconciliation and peace. Generous gifts to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog are signs of our gratitude:… Read more »

E200525 – Partnership Liaison/Regional Consultant for Diyar Consortium

As a liaison for ecumenical partnership, the bulk of Victor Makari’s time is spent providing consultative support for the witness of the Christian community in the Middle East to issues of religion and state in the Arab world. “Maintaining the bonds of relationship with the churches and giving substance to the fellowship we have together… Read more »

E200498 – New Testament Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt

Founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1863, the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo trains pastors and leaders for service in the Synod of the Nile (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt). It is one of a handful of institutions in the Middle East that prepares Protestant pastors. Its 240 students come from throughout the Arab world to… Read more »