Middle East

E052151 – International Evangelism Initiatives

This project is initially to fund/support pastors trained to transform their communities through resources, projects, and mission endeavors. It will also support various evangelism-related programs including discipleship training, advocacy, and holistic mission. (E052151)

102 – Shared Mission Support (Presbyterian Mission Agency)

Gifts to Shared Mission given without restrictions go where they are needed most and fund many parts of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s mission and ministry. For example Shared Mission: provides training events for New Church development pastors, helps identify and build leaders of every race and gender, provides resources for training in biblical interpretation for… Read more »

E340102 – Middle East Council Of Churches (MECC)

The MECC, regional council of 22 countries of the Middle East, is the instrument for unity and cooperation in witness and service for about 70 percent of the nearly 20 million Christians in the Middle East. With your support, extraordinary efforts to conduct and coordinate programs in the following areas can be funded: women and… Read more »

E051722 – Iraq: The Peace Fund For Solidarity With The Churches

Originally set up to aid the Iraq Church facing crises in the midst of the devastation from 12 years of economic sanctions and three previous wars, the Iraq Church is now facing a new catastrophe brought on by the advance of ISIS/IS. With well over a million Iraqis displaced from their homes, the Iraq Church… Read more »

E863004 – Scripture Fund

Contributions will be used in cooperation with various Bible societies to translate and distribute Scriptures around the world. Recent projects have included distribution in the former Soviet republics in Central Asia, Cambodia, Thailand and among Iranians and Kurds around the world. (E863004)

E052155 – Syria Lebanon Partnership Network

The Syria Lebanon Partnership Network of the PC(USA) continues the long history of Presbyterian mission that began in 1823. The network brings together Presbyterians from around the United States to facilitate partnerships with churches and church-related ministries in Syria and Lebanon. The network also provides a place for US Presbyterians to share information and coordinate… Read more »

DR000007 – Disaster Relief-Lebanon/Syria

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant response for relief and disasters in Lebanon and Syria. (DR000007)

E340202 – National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (General)

The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) grew out of PC(USA) outreach begun in 1823. Those early mission efforts helped to plant many of the early NESSL churches in Syria and Lebanon, to translate the entire Bible into Arabic as well as to print it in that language for the first time, and… Read more »

E051739 – Bright Stars

Children in Palestine constitute over 50% of the Palestinian population. They have increasingly become children at risk. In an environment of increased violence, the project focuses on expressing the emotions, fears, thoughts and visions of the young people with a creative, holistic approach and a large variety of techniques to motivate and stretch their imaginations… Read more »

E863014 – FM: Bible Translation For Unreached People Groups

Join a new effort to provide translations of the Bible for people who do not have a viable church presence in their culture. Your gifts can help bring God’s word to people who have never had it in their own language at an annual cost of $4,000-$6,000. (E863014) (FM = Frontier Mission)