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Latin America & Caribbean

E862510 – Evangelical Theological Seminary, Matanzas

From the time of its inception in 1946, the seminary has played an important role in the Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches in Cuba. Funds are needed for scholarships for the expanding number of Cuban Christians who are interested in a deeper theological and biblical foundation, program development, library acquisitions and increasing administration and faculty… Read more »

E200391 – Partnership Facilitator/Delegations Coordinator, Nicaragua

Gifts to this fund will go towards the sending and support costs of the partnership facilitator/delegations coordinator in Nicaragua which work with the Council of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD), facilitating mission teams from the United States who come to Nicaragua to work with and learn from Nicaraguans. This position arranges in-country logistics, help plan… Read more »

E051622 – Moringa Oleifera Tree Program

The Presbyterian Hunger Program is involved in a broad campaign to promote the planting and use of Moringa Oleifera trees in various countries whose population suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Clinical trials have demonstrated great potential for Moringa Oleifera ground leaves and pods as a food supplement against malnutrition and as an affordable answer to… Read more »

E867501 – Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba, Ministries

This project offers an opportunity to support ministries of the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba, such as Christian Education, diaconal work in the communities, leadership development, evangelism church camps, and church development/redevelopment.(E867501)

E200482 – Joining Hands Facilitator, Haiti

As a companionship facilitator for FONDAMA, the Joining Hands program in Haiti, Cindy Corell connects the realities of farmers facing hunger, seed alienation, and land grabbing with churches in the US, so that together they can work on improving those policies that prevent farmers from doing what they do best—grow food to feed people. As… Read more »

E052331 – School of Theology and Religion, Peru

Contributions will assist in providing scholarships for students in the undergraduate program at the school in Lima, Peru. Many of the students have limited financial resources, and scholarships make it possible for them to prepare themselves for leadership roles in the church and in their involvement in communities and NGOS. (E052331)

E048001 – Presbyterian Church Of Costa Rica (IEPC)

The Presbyterian Church of Costa Rica (IEPC) is a small denomination in Costa Rica with whom the PC(USA) has been in partnership for some 25 years. Funds are for Christian education, evangelism, pastor training and general programming. (E048001)

E862562 – Colegio Americano, Apartado

For the ongoing work of Colegio Americano de Apartado, especially in the areas of scholarship and building needs. This school is located in Uraba, an area very affected by the violence in Colombia; many of its students are children of displaced families. (E862562)