Christmas Joy Offering – Support our leaders: past, present and future.

Latin America & Caribbean

E052168 – Compassion, Peace and Justice

This gift will help Compassion, Peace and Justice to respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people, address injustice in all areas of life and advocate for peaceful solutions to conflict. (E052168)

E047911 – Vocational School, Cap Haitian, Haiti

The Episcopal Vocational School in Cap Haitian begins at the primary level and goes through secondary. The vocational component is an important element in the lives of young Haitians as they develop skills that will allow them to seek employment. This project will offer scholarships for students as well as purchase materials such as computers… Read more »

E862562 – Colegio Americano, Apartado

For the ongoing work of Colegio Americano de Apartado, especially in the areas of scholarship and building needs. This school is located in Uraba, an area very affected by the violence in Colombia; many of its students are children of displaced families. (E862562)

E051618 – With The Women Of Guatemala, National Evangelical Presbyterian Church Of Guatemala

This fund will provide money for workshops, teachers, materials, bus fare, food and occasional overnight accommodations so the women attending workshops and retreats will receive training and learn with and from one another ways in which they can better serve as elders, pastors, church school teachers, mothers, wives and community leaders. (E051618)

H000105 – Peru-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in Peru focused on environmental concerns around water, mining pollution, especially in La Oroya, rehabilitation of children affected by lead poisoning, trade justice and human rights. (H000105)

E200483 – Regional Liaison, Mexico & Guatemala/Facilitator

Gifts to this fund will go towards the sending and support costs of the regional liaison for Mexico and Guatemala which builds bridges between Presbyterians in the U.S. and partner churches and organizations in Mexico and Guatemala. This position also serves as facilitator of Presbyterian Border Regional Outreach, which supports the ministries of the six… Read more »

E862627 – St. Vincent School For Handicapped, Haiti

St. Vincent, in the Haitian capital of Port au Prince, was virtually destroyed by the January, 2010 earthquake. St. Vincent’s had been a day and boarding school for over 400 blind, deaf and/or physically handicapped children. Physical and occupational therapy, a medical clinic and surgical services had been available on-site. Now St. Vincent’s faces the… Read more »

E051622 – Moringa Oleifera Tree Program

The Presbyterian Hunger Program is involved in a broad campaign to promote the planting and use of Moringa Oleifera trees in various countries whose population suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Clinical trials have demonstrated great potential for Moringa Oleifera ground leaves and pods as a food supplement against malnutrition and as an affordable answer to… Read more »