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Latin America & Caribbean

E343302 – Hospital St. Croix, Haiti

Hospital St. Croix is located in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake that destroyed much of the city and nearby Port au Prince in January, 2010. Repairs have been made to the one wing of the hospital that sustained relatively minor damage. A long-term effort is underway to rebuild Hopital St. Croix and restore its… Read more »

E051602 – Self Development Of People (SDOP)

SDOP is one of the three ministries of the One Great Hour of Sharing Program. One of the wonderful things about this ministry is that through your gifts thousands of communities all over the world have an opportunity to take control of their own destinies and develop solutions to their own challenges. The power of… Read more »

E864600 – Latin America and Caribbean (General Support)

Funds given to this project will be used to further the work of World Mission among our partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. The funds will be used where the need is greatest so that they will have the greatest impact. (E864600)

E200518 – Regional Liaison for Central America

Based in Managua, Nicaragua, Tracey King-Ortega serves as regional liaison for Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. She consults with partner churches and organizations, nurtures presbytery and congregational partnerships, helps organize and sustain country mission networks, and supports the work of other PC(USA) mission personnel. “Having my hands and heart in many different places… Read more »

E052143 – Global Poverty Alleviation Program

These project funds will support the Global Initiatives related to Poverty Alleviation. The initial campaign to be the strengthening of quality education for one million Children. Other future campaigns to be supported might include: Maternal and Child Health, Hunger and Food Security, Clean Water and Sanitation, Community Development, Microfinance and Household Financial Security, and Shelter…. Read more »

OG300000 – OGHS Hunger General

Contributions to OGHS designated specifically for the Presbyterian Hunger Program to address famine, alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.(OG300000)

E051608 – Joining Hands Against Hunger

Through Joining Hands Against Hunger, PC(USA) congregations will develop meaningful relationships with overseas partners involved in addressing root causes of hunger in their countries. PC(USA) presbyteries in the US will work with national networks of churches and grassroots organizations overseas to address hunger through comprehensive and coordinated activities. Participating PC(USA) congregations and their overseas partners… Read more »

E865034 – Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

Your contributions will enable the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations to inspire, equip and connect Presbyterians in ministry as faithful disciples of Jesus in the global community and witness to the nations of the world, based on General Assembly policy, that “God sends the church in the power of the Holy Spirit to share… Read more »