Christmas Joy Offering – Support our leaders: past, present and future.

Latin America & Caribbean

H000111 – Small Farmer Fund

As part of the Presbyterian Coffee Project, the Small Farmer Fund is one way that the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Equal Exchange and PC(USA) congregations work together to support small farmer projects in coffee growing regions around the world. For each pound of fairly traded products that Presbyterians purchase through the Presbyterian Coffee Project, Equal Exchange… Read more »

E200482 – Joining Hands Facilitator, Haiti

As a companionship facilitator for FONDAMA, the Joining Hands program in Haiti, Cindy Corell connects the realities of farmers facing hunger, seed alienation, and land grabbing with churches in the US, so that together they can work on improving those policies that prevent farmers from doing what they do best—grow food to feed people. As… Read more »

E052331 – School of Theology and Religion, Peru

Contributions will assist in providing scholarships for students in the undergraduate program at the school in Lima, Peru. Many of the students have limited financial resources, and scholarships make it possible for them to prepare themselves for leadership roles in the church and in their involvement in communities and NGOS. (E052331)

E048001 – Presbyterian Church Of Costa Rica (IEPC)

The Presbyterian Church of Costa Rica (IEPC) is a small denomination in Costa Rica with whom the PC(USA) has been in partnership for some 25 years. Funds are for Christian education, evangelism, pastor training and general programming. (E048001)

E862700 – Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF)

Medical Benevolence Foundation has supported healing ministries and programs in over 100 hospitals and clinics throughout the world since 1964. Funds continue to be needed to support medical ministries in developing countries. MBF is a validated mission working in partnership with PC(USA), congregations, individuals, and mission networks. Your donation financially supports mission hospitals, rural clinics,… Read more »

E051648 – CEDEPCA (General Fund)

Cedepca is a training center that provides safe, accepting, creative spaces where women and men from many different Christian traditions can deepen their faith while they strengthen their ability to confront the key issues facing their communities. This ECO fund can be used for undesignated general support of this institution. (E051648)

H000124 – Bridge of Hope, Peru

Support fair trade alternatives for artisans through the Bridge of Hope initiative of the Joining Hands Peru network with training, coordination and logistical support. To date, more than 200 artisans have started their own cooperatives, learned business skills and seen their incomes triple. (H000124)

E200302 – US Coordinators For Border Ministry, Frontera de Cristo

Bridging cultural, economic, political, and linguistic differences, Mark Adams and Miriam Maldonado Escobar serve in the U.S.-Mexico border region near Douglas, Arizona, and Agua Prieta, Mexico. They support the binational ministry of Frontera de Cristo in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed. They and their partners seek to put flesh… Read more »

E048004 – Ministries of the Dominican Evangelical Church, Dominican Republic

The Iglesia Evangelica Domincana, Dominican Evangelical Church (IED) is the oldest Protestant church in the Dominican Republic. It is the product of U. S. Presbyterian and Methodist mission work in the late 1800’s and celebrated its 90th anniversary as an independent church in 2012. With over 13,000 members in 45 organized congregations and multiple “preaching… Read more »