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“Nothing will be impossible with God.” —Luke 1:37

Monday, December 22

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The Presbytery of Denver


January retreat Photo courtesy of Sheri Fry


January retreat


Photo courtesy of Sheri Fry


The Presbytery of Denver and its 51 congregations are committed to connecting with young adults and preserving their place at the table. Enormous spiritual, social, and technological changes define our times. How do we pass on a faith worth claiming in this new context? How can we support the next generation as it seeks to live meaningfully and follow Christ in these changing times? And how can our young adults rise to the challenge of energizing the Christian community?

In 2012 a youth and young adult task force, the Flood, was formed to give voice to this age group in our presbytery. We held a mountain retreat in January. Together we learned that in community we find Christ; that we need to rediscover Christian calling and vocation; that the church needs to reconsider how to make disciples; that young Jesus-followers need older Christians; and that the established church needs new wineskins in order to receive the church’s future. We need each other. The Christian community should represent the full scope of human life, from cradle to grave, coming together to love each other and work in unity and with respect.

The retreat was a rich time of reflection on perennial human concerns, with honest questions and answers being exchanged. We resolved to hold a retreat each year in January. Let us pray that as we follow Christ, teach and study God’s Word, live in the Spirit, and practice community, we will become disciples who make disciples.

Rev. Sheri Fry, Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Denver

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff

Thomas C. Sheffield, presbytery pastor
Anne W. Bond, stated clerk
Amy Mendez, pastor for church development and multiracial ministries
Paul Neshangwe, pastor for partnership and church development
Judy Franconi, office administrator

Young Adult Volunteers

Sarah Davis, Sean Lent, Kelsey Penninigton, and April Sugimoto, community development interns, Dwell/YAV site

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Jacqueline Wizner, BOP
Ann Wolf, BOP

Let us pray

God of all people, we ask for your blessings on the youth and young adults in our communities and around the world. Awaken all of us to your service, that with confidence and compassion we might seek justice, spark revival, and ignite a movement together for the renewal of our communities. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 122; 145
First Reading Isaiah 31:1-9
Second Reading Revelation 21:22-22:5
Gospel Reading Luke 1:39-48a (48b-56)
Evening Psalms 40; 67

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