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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39



United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Silliman University


The program in the Philippines is about developing servant-leaders through faith in action. The 10-month placement will include immersions into different church and community settings that expose the Philippine reality as a mosaic for reflection and socio-cultural understanding. Each volunteer will be matched with specific and suitable work responsibility in one setting addressing relevant and compelling issues that requires transformative community action.

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Most of its 98 million inhabitants live on 11 main islands. Independence from Spain came in 1898, and today the Philippines continues to emerge from the colonial dependency that hindered its capacity to prosper and develop. Spanish and American influence in the Philippines is still pervasive. The Philippines is one of the poorest nations in Asia and is torn by internal conflicts caused by disenchantment with a long history of insensitivity to the poor and marginalized. The United Church of Christ in the Philippines was established in 1948 and is a union of several early Protestant churches that were in mission in the Philippines. It is a minority church in a culture that is 80 percent Roman Catholic, 10 percent Protestant, 6 percent Muslim, and 4 percent indigenous and Chinese religions.


The base of the YAV program in the Philippines will be at the Silliman University on the island of Negros, founded by Presbyterian mission in 1901. Possible placements include work with church and other non-profit organizations that are focusing on the following issues and initiatives:

  • Christian-Moslem relationship and inter-faith dialogue
  • Addressing violence against women and children
  • Empowering rural communities through integrated development programs
  • Theater for evangelism and advocacy especially with youth
  • Support for the ecumenical peace process activities
  • Community-based health programs


During the orientation and periods for reflection, YAVs will be housed on the campus of Silliman University in Dumaguete City. During their work assignments, volunteers will live with host families or suitable housing arrangements.


The 10-month program will begin with group orientation and community-building activities, and shall combine work at their placement sites and periodic group reflection and processing gatherings. These gatherings will be intentional about providing YAVs opportunities to appreciate the natural and historic richness of the Philippines.


Age: 21-30

Education: College degree or equivalent

Others: Open to simple living, sensitive to cultural diversity, ability to work individually and in group settings, willingness to learn another language, adjusts personal expectations and preferences to respond appropriately to the needs of the community.

site coordinators

Dessa and Cobbie Palm

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