Pentecost Offering: How did they do that?

“… building up the Body of Christ.” Ephesians 4:12

How many times have we seen a modern building, an historic landmark, a great cathedral or a monument and thought, “How did they do that?” Regardless of when it was built, the skill and craftsmanship needed to not only imagine it, but to make it sturdy enough to safely and securely withstand the test of time, boggles the mind.

But what of people? We watch, listen and read as sports legends, great orators, talented musicians of every style of performance and brilliant writers astound us with their skills. And even though we know that the raw talent that leads to great skill is honed through years of practice, patience and persistence, we still look with awe at these accomplishments and say, “How did/do they do that?”

They did it because someone saw a spark. A spark that with the right teaching, coaching, leadership and practice could lead to great things.

Someone working with Good Success Academies in New Jersey recognized Tariq’s academic potential and helped him pursue his dream of studying computer science. A Young Adult Volunteer named Yuriko, which means “lily girl” in Japanese, blossomed in Peru, while a shy teenager named Grace boldly connected with her peers at a statewide youth conference.

How did they do that? They were lifted up, they were mentored and they were encouraged to grow into the person God was calling them to be. Fanning that spark, the raw talents and abilities within young people throughout the church and beyond builds strong and gifted leaders that God can use.

Your gifts to the Pentecost Offering assure that these young people of God have opportunities to participate in programs as varied as the Young Adult Volunteer Program, Presbyterian Youth Triennium and other ministries with youth, and the Educate a Child, Transform the World national initiative. Each leads to interacting with educators, mentors and leaders committed to building these youngest members of the body of Christ into the people God would have them become. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for participating in building up the body of Christ.


Let us pray~

Empowering God, Pentecost Sunday reminds us of the Spirit’s power to transform lives. Help each of us to hear the Spirit’s call every day of our lives. May we follow that call and build up the body of Christ. Amen.


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