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Friends, we need your help

To make support and promotion as easy as possible, we work to provide you with tools and resources to help explain the Giving Catalog’s role in Presbyterian Mission and motivate your members and your community to give generously.

However, we understand that not all congregations are the same, and that needs may change from year to year. Please help us make sure the resources we provide are relevant, useful and impactful by taking our survey today.

Take Our Survey

Church leaders like you are our most important front-line ambassadors for the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. We understand your time is limited — but your voice is critical in ensuring our collective success. With this in mind, we hope you’ll take a few minutes (no more than 10) to share your insights and help guide us in making essential decisions on behalf of the Giving Catalog — and ultimately, the churches and congregations that drive our efforts.

Why Your Opinion Matters video

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