School’s in Session

Greetings from the PC(USA) Educate a Child Roundtable, an ongoing community of Presbyterians who care about our schools and are working to provide support and resources to congregations as they support education in their community. We write to encourage you in this difficult season to reach out with support and encouragement to those involved in your schools. In particular, the teachers, parents, and children in your congregation. Are there concrete ways your congregation can offer assistance? Might there be a way that you can be an advocate for policies in your community that ensure that all children receive a quality education?

Responding to Jesus’ call to love our neighbors, we believe that one way we love our neighbor is to work to ensure that our neighbors’ children have a quality education. Grounded in Matthew 25, we have a special concern for children on the margins, the least of these. We believe that the quality of public schools should not be determined by Zip Code, but too often this is not the case. In the words of the PC(USA) policy statement on Public Education we believe that “Quality public schools give us the best chance to empower the most students to embrace abundant life in community

On the PC(USA) calendar August 23 is Public Education Sunday. On that Sunday (or a Sunday that makes sense in your setting) we encourage you to take time in worship to recognize and lift up teachers and students. October 18 is Children’s Sabbath. In the weeks between, the Education Roundtable will be offering a variety of resources, including webinars, for your ministry in support of schools. Information about these resources can be found at Gifts to the Pentecost Offering support the work of the Educate a Child Roundtable.

Thank you for your support for education and concern for our children.

Loving God, Jesus showed a special concern for children, all children. Jesus was a great teacher. We celebrate the teachers in our midst and pray for wisdom to know how to support their work and schools. Gracious God help us as a church and individuals to live a deep, trusting faith that cares for all our children.

Loving God grant us wisdom and courage for the living of these days.


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