Pentecost: Building Up Youth by Building Beds

Where did you first learn about God?

Who pointed out the glimpses of God in everyday life? For many, it happened during the first years of life. It was in Sunday School classes at the local church, where stories were shared of Jesus’ miracles and God’s love. It was at summer camp and youth conferences where God’s truth was revealed and life-changing friendships were forged. It was in the safe spaces of fellowship among other young adults where expressions of faith were refined.

One bed at a time

In 2018, Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, committed to raise up local children and youth by helping provide a place for them to sleep soundly. The congregation used their retained portion of the Pentecost Offering to support Build-a-Bed, a community-wide project organized by the school board’s office of community support services. Build-a-Bed provides beds to children who do not have one, in many cases because they are homeless. Studies show that when children have their own bed, their academic performance improves, imagination soars, mood enhances, and even their ability to fight off sickness strengthens. Along with newly constructed beds, children supported by this program receive a mattress, set of sheets, pillow, blanket, teddy bear, bedtime book, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Embodying the Offering’s purpose, Crescent Hill Presbyterian not only financially supported Build-a-Bed, but over 80 members worked together last summer to construct 28 beds. The youth helped organize and lead the intergenerational event where everyone from the youngest to the oldest had a meaningful way to participate. Among the grateful recipients of the new beds was a grandfather who had just gotten custody of his grandchildren and a family that had recently lost everything in a house fire. By providing these beds, Crescent Hill Presbyterian is supporting the youth of their community, so each child might be inspired to share their gifts and ideas with the world. The congregation hopes to hold a similar event this summer, helping to build dreams one bed at a time.

This church-wide offering supports children at risk, ministries with youth, and Young Adult Volunteers, and 40 percent of the offering stays with local congregations. Please give generously, because when we all do a little, it adds up to a lot.

Let us pray

Protecting Spirit, open our eyes to see your children in need, and embolden our hearts so we might act, so children, youth and youth adults in our community and around the world might live and thrive, proclaiming your glory, and doing your good work. May our gifts that we offer in your name shape the future of your Church. Amen.

Join us

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