One Great Hour of Sharing Resources for Mid Council Leaders

You shall be called repairers of the breach. —Isaiah 58

Around the world, millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity. Each gift to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) helps to improve the lives of people in these challenging situations. For 70 years, One Great Hour of Sharing has provided us a way to share God’s love with our neighbors in need. In fact, OGHS is the single, largest way Presbyterians come together every year to work toward a better world.

Congregations and mid councils that have a standing order for OGHS should have received their resources by now. If resources have not been received, contact Presbyterian Customer Service at 800-533-4371 or


Join us for informative webinars — if you are not available at these times, visit the Offering page to watch a recording.

Mid Council Leaders – Tuesday, February 26, at 12:00 pm EST

Congregation Leaders – Wednesday, March 6, 12:00 pm EST


Use this PowerPoint in your worship service or at Lenten events. It includes slides that correspond with the OGHS minutes for mission and a customizable slide for a specific message to your congregation.

Review the Engagement Placemat to be used by families to connect with, engage, and support the ministries carried out by OGHS. And as always, there is a new Gracie the Fish story, Gracie Makes a Coral Covenant, that can be used with the fish coin boxes.

Thank you for your valuable partnership in supporting OGHS and the ministries that strive to provide hope and make this a better world. Should you have questions or suggestions, you may contact Special Offerings at

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