Peace & Global Witness: Beyond Our Doors, Beyond Our Community, Beyond Our Borders

Peace is active, not passive

The Peace & Global Witness Offering connects congregations around the country with inspiring and innovative peacemakers from partner churches around the globe so they may learn from one another. The Offering helps develop educational resources that illustrate how congregations can become active peacemakers both in our local community and around the world. It also offers all Presbyterians and congregations access to the halls of power to lift up the needs of our sisters and brothers in Christ in every corner of the world through our ministries in Washington D.C. and the United Nations.

Rev. Peter Tibi teaches peacebuilding skills at RECONCILE. Photo by Shelvis Smith-Mather

Being active peacemakers connects our challenges here at home to global challenges which are often similar at their core. For example, RECONCILE (the Resource Centre for Civil Leadership) in South Sudan, an initiative originating in that war-torn country, seeks peace among people by building relationships between those who would be enemies to create pathways for a civil society to flourish in the future.

These actions are mirrored by Webster Presbyterian Church in Texas. Webster supports the Institute for Civility in Government which creates experiences for youth and young adults that model productive and civil engagement between people of differing political commitments. This was echoed by Druid Hills Presbyterian Church in Georgia as they focused on the connections between the three Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) in response to their discomfort over anti-immigrant, and particularly, anti-Muslim sentiments.

Another challenge is domestic abuse. Many congregations support shelters for abused women and children in their communities — but domestic abuse is far from being just a local issue. The PC(U.S.A.) has mission personnel around the world dedicated to reducing domestic abuse. The Peacemaking Program has taken delegations to Guatemala to witness this work in order to learn from our partners there and share their stories of success in battling this scourge.

Peace is doing, not waiting

Sometimes it feels the world is coming at us so quickly that we don’t know which way to turn, where to look, what to do next. But there is much we can do. As we seek peace in a chaotic world, we find strength in knowing that God is always near.  As we move forward as active peacemakers beyond the doors of our churches, God is near. Beyond the limits of our cities and across borders that may feel very distant, God is near. God is near to those in need who make who make their homes among us and those who live in places we may only see on the evening news.

Let us pray

Draw near to us, Oh God, and to all those who crave your peace.  As we join, anew, your reconciling ministry in the world, nourish us by your Spirit to be active, engaged and committed peacemakers, joyfully engaging with one another for the sake of your most vulnerable children.  In the peace of Christ, at all times, in all ways, Amen.

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