A more promising future

“For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away…” (Acts 2:39)

girl with candle, Promise, Pentecost imagePromise. As a verb, it’s one of the earliest concepts we learn. To promise means to offer a firm commitment—not just “I will,” but “I DEFINITELY will.” It can also be a noun, expressing assurance or hope for the future.

Scripture contains many promises that God makes to us. Acts 2:39 speaks of the Holy Spirit’s presence as a promise “for you, for your children, and for all who are far away . . .” This means the Holy Spirit is guaranteed to us, today, just as surely as it was promised to those who heard the words of Peter as he uttered them.

Looking at the faces of our children, youth, and young adults, it is easy to observe the potential “promise.” We see in them creativity, opportunities for growth, and new possibilities for our communities and our world.

In the Pentecost Offering, the Holy Spirit is celebrated as a promised gift to the world. It also fosters the promise in our young people through ministries that support children at risk and nurture the development of faith and service among youth and young adults.

Your support of the Pentecost Offering is a promise that joins with the Holy Spirit in the work of creating a solid foundation for our young people during the first third of their lives—a foundation that can sustain them throughout their lives—extending that promise to all.

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