The small church with a big heart

Guest post by Rev. John H.G. Curtiss

Community Presbyterian Church is a small church with a big heart. Earlier in June, our church hosted a short week of Vacation Bible School. As part of the week, the children learned about the Presbyterian Giving Catalog – and got really excited about the idea of buying a pair of goats for a family in a different part of the world. They set their goal at $178 (the cost of 2 kids) and worked hard to bring, gather, and collect the money.

At the end of Vacation Bible School, despite much enthusiasm, we had only collected $149.70 – leaving us a bit short of a goal. So the children went to the congregation the next Sunday morning to ask for their help. Could the good people of Community Presbyterian Church give an extra $30 this week so that VBS could purchase two goats?

This small church with a big heart found that they could give more than $30. In fact, when all the pennies and dimes were counted, the church had donated an additional $164.

Community PC Plainview MN VBSSo, on behalf of Community Presbyterian Church and the children of our 2016 Vacation Bible School, we are pleased to be able to make a donation for a pair of goats ($178), two piglets ($80), and two families of chickens ($50). There is a small amount after these purchases to be used at your discretion.

Our church family was blessed to give this gift. My prayer is that God’s blessing will continue as the gift is passed along to those in need.

Pastor John


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