Triennium Reflections

This year, I attended my first Presbyterian Youth Triennium – despite being a lifelong Presbyterian and working for the church during the last two of these tri-annual events. With my connection to the Special Offerings, I was so excited to be a part of this year’s event: the Pentecost Offering, which supports Triennium, is easily my favorite offering.

Delegation of youth at 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Delegation from Mid-Kentucky Presbytery at 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium

For those of you trying to convince your session to begin receiving the Pentecost Offering, consider the fact that a full forty percent stays with the local congregation, the largest percentage locally retained from the four offerings. That money can be used for a congregation’s ministries with children, youth, and young adults. Many use it to send their youth to conferences like the Presbyterian Youth Triennium.

Thousands of young people worshiping together at Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Thousands of young people worshiping together at Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Going in to the event, I was prepared for the hot weather. I was warned of long walks across the Purdue campus, and packed my most comfortable shoes. I remembered from my experience as a Young Adult Volunteer the power of being surrounded by people who are excited to share their faith with other Presbyterians, but I was not entirely prepared to have that multiplied 5,000-fold. The energy and excitement was palpable.

I was most struck by the attitudes of the speakers and small group leaders who treated these participants as believers in their own right, not “kids” to be talked down to. The messages were uplifting and powerful, and all of the young people I talked to felt a great sense of love and community surround them. They were sent home with a sense of purpose. They left that conference knowing that they mattered. This, to me, exemplifies the best of what the Pentecost Offering has to offer. A sense of belonging, of leadership, and purpose for our next generation.

You can make a difference for the young people in our congregation. Consider making a gift to the Pentecost Offering.

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