Would you consider receiving the Pentecost Offering?

One simple question asked by a Special Offerings volunteer had immense impact on the Newport Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, WA.

by Sally Wright

16pent_donationpage_022316_final-350x0When Newport Presbyterian Church was approached with this question by a volunteer for Special Offerings, they hadn’t received the Pentecost Offering in several years. By building a stronger understanding of the offering among the congregation, the session voted enthusiastically to try again. In reconnecting with the Offering and promoting it in the congregation, they increased their gift by 1,723 percent. On their first attempt in 6 years, they raised $1,823—over $1,700 more than their last gift—and the church retained $729 toward local ministry. With the offering’s focus on young people, the youth group at Newport decided where its money should be spent.

Would you consider receiving the Pentecost Offering? 

A gift to the Pentecost Offering helps the church encourage, develop, and support its young people, and also address the needs of at-risk children. With only 20% of PC(USA) churches currently receiving the Pentecost Offering, there is still a great need to support these ministries. With an incredible 40% of offering receipts retained by your congregation, this offering can inspire both your congregation and your community.

Would you consider receiving the Pentecost Offering? 

By answering one simple question, the congregation of Newport Presbyterian chose to participate in supporting at-risk children, youth and young adults in their own community and around the world – and the youth group of Newport Presbyterian became active participants in mission. By asking one simple question, a volunteer for Special Offerings articulated the need for support of the Pentecost Offering in a profound way.

Will you make a difference? Will you ask your church, “Can we consider receiving the 2016 Pentecost Offering?

If your answer is yes, here’s help in promoting and receiving this vital ministry:

  • Set dates with your Session – congregations commonly receive the Offering on Pentecost Sunday (May 15) or other youth-focused Sundays (such as Youth in the Church and World on August 21), or possibly during vacation Bible School
  • Commit to a goal with the session – one higher than the sum raised last year – and discuss ideas on how to use the congregational portion (40%).
  • Share “Ways to Involve Children and Youth” with your Christian Education and worship committees.
  • Contact Presbyterian Distribution Service (800-524-2612 or pds@pcusa.org) to order any materials you may want or need. Additional online materials are available here.
  • Ask a few young people to present Minutes for Mission from the pulpit.


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