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Guest Post by Rev. Brad Braley

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In 2001 we saw in some Presbyterian mission materials where a Presbyterian Church had partnered with Payless shoes to provide vouchers for school shoes for children in need. In 2002 we adapted that idea and made it the focus for our share of our Pentecost Offering receipts. Since then we have distributed 8,881 shoe vouchers to children in need in our area at a total value of over $160,000. In 2015 we distributed 720 school shoe vouchers at a value of $14,400.

Since we chose this for our Pentecost offering project, enthusiasm for the Pentecost offering increased immediately and has remained strong. We have received $32,240 for the Pentecost offering since 2002, including $2,761 in 2015, which is three times what we were receiving back in 2001!

Of course, this program has grown so big that the Pentecost Offering alone doesn’t fund it all or meet all the need.  We do an annual Trivia contest in the community to raise additional funds.  We have reached out and had response from some local churches and individuals, as well as extra giving by our congregational members and the Mission Committee.  We have also gotten a generous mission grant from North Central Iowa Presbytery for a number of years for this project.

Still, it is the Pentecost Offering that lit this flame and keeps it going strong as a mission and outreach program of First Presbyterian Church of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Thanks for all your assistance in promoting this offering.


Brad Braley, pastor

First Presbyterian Church of Cedar Falls

Thank you, Rev. Braley – what a great use of Pentecost Offering funds, and an exciting way to involve your congregation and your community! If you have a story to share, please email Learn more about the Pentecost Offering here

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