Give a Goat

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The children at Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit, MI had a mission: to give a goat to a family in need. 

After hearing about the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, children from the Sunday School class decided to host a “Give a Goat” fundraiser. “The funds were gathered through a whole-church fundraiser,” writes Christian Educator Judith Shelton, “initiated by our children and youth, at which they sold cards and bookmarks they had designed.” Congregation members pitched in with baked goods for sale and a silent auction.

Posters and children from Give a Goat project

With their hard work, the children of Fort Street were able to raise $890, or enough for TEN goats from the Presbyterian Giving Catalog! 

10 Goat Goal

Shelton concludes her letter, “Thank you for all that you and others do to make these giving programs possible. It makes it easy to identify a goal and work toward it, as well as giving us confidence that our funds will directly support families in our world.” 

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