Words of Thanks from Menaul School

As we approach Thanksgiving, we are also greeted by words of thanks from others. Two students from the Menaul School, a recipient of Christmas Joy Offering Funds, have sent along a letter for me to share with you:

7th Grade PhotoThank you my dear Presbyterian friends for the opportunity to attend Menaul School. What is there not to like about Menaul School? The teachers inspire me every day, the students are very polite and caring for one another, and in each school day I learn something new – it could be math, social studies, science, or many other valuable lessons. When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor, and I think that there is no better school than Menaul to help prepare the way! Why you might ask? Menaul School teaches at a much more advanced level than other schools I have attended.

Without the support of the Presbyterian churches around the country, I wouldn’t be in the great and wonderful Menaul School and for that I am very grateful. This school made me think differently about my future and what career I want. The teachers also challenge every student to be better than they already are. The thing about the teachers is that they care about me and my future, and it is quite unbelievable. This school has provided me with a great education, respect, and responsibility. I was surprised that all the students were wonderful and welcoming. To conclude, I am very blessed to say that I am a Menaul School student and hopefully later on be able to say I am a Menaul School graduate.
– Katelyn Estrada
Seventh Grade Student


Tenth Grade PictureThank you my treasured friends for the support that allows me to attend Menaul. I want to express my gratefulness to the Presbyterian Church for giving me the opportunity to grow spiritually and educationally. Menaul School gives me the freedom to worship God in an accessible way. Attending Menaul School has been a gratifying experience that I am beyond grateful for. I love how the teachers are remarkably willing to help a student at any time. Menaul School and the people in it inspire me to be better and do better every day. I believe that I have made life long friends at Menaul. Your offerings have impacted my life. Since I have arrived at Menaul, I can see my learning skills have grown exponentially. I am gratified to receive the gift of being a part of the Menaul community. The environment of being around people who nudge me just a little every day to grow, advance, and flourish is flabbergasting. I am eternally thankful for Menaul and what the school does to push their students to exceed not only in school, but in life.

– Christine Gleicher
Tenth Grade Student

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