Ideas to include children and youth in the Pentecost Offering

Ways to include children and youth in the Pentecost Offering - girl with sparkler

With its focus on children and youth, Pentecost is the perfect time to include the young people of your congregation in planning and execution of next week’s service.

There are several ideas available here, but here are a few examples:

  • Enlist the help of children and youth to prepare the church for the Pentecost worship service. Invite them to present the Scripture readings and Minutes for Mission.
  • Use electric fans with red crepe paper streamers tied to the fan covers as a reminder of the great rush of wind that was heard at the first Pentecost. 
  • Tell the story of the first Pentecost, and explain that the people heard the disciples speak in their own languages. Have the children and youth learn the Lord’s Prayer in a language other than their own. Invite them to say the prayers at the Pentecost service.
  • Before the Offering is received on the Day of Pentecost, ask the children of the church to bring their coin boxes to the front.
  • Ask one of the older youth to present the children’s sermon on the Day of Pentecost.
  • Invite children and youth to serve a cake with the Pentecost symbol after the worship service to celebrate the birthday of the church. Play birthday games with a Pentecost twist.
  • Print off the word search and crossword puzzle to include in your bulletins.
  • Share your stories with the Presbyterian Mission Agency by emailing!

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