New Year, New Logos!

Once upon a time (when I first started working in the office of Special Offerings), someone asked me for a logo to use for a conference. 

Sure, we had logos for One Great Hour of Sharing, for Pentecost… but not one that embodied all four as a cohesive unit. A coworker added the words “Special Offerings” to the PC(USA) Seal, and that served its purpose for awhile. 

Old Offering Logos

Old SO Logo

Until now!

Since the Special Offerings have come together under one umbrella, we have been slowly working on making the style of each offering relate to the others. We want our correspondence to seem like it is all from the same “family”, so you know when it’s from us. 

Rolling out with the new year, we have a few new logos!

New Special Offerings Logos - 2015

Special Offerings Logo 2015

The arrows symbolize our Special Offerings theme: “The things we’ll do. Together.”

Whether the members and congregations who come together to give to each offering, or the offerings themselves coming together to further the work of the church, we understand the connectional nature of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 

You’ll notice the new logo slowly replacing the old one, particularly on social media like facebook and twitter, Pinterest, and upcoming offering materials. Here’s to 2015!

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