This year, give something more than a present…

Give Opportunity.

Gift giving has become a large part of the Christmas spirit we celebrate each year. We give our family and friends presents to show our love for them, following in the tradition of the wise men the very first Christmas. It is through these actions that we are reminded of those in need, especially during the Advent season.


The Christmas Joy Offering is a way for you to do more than simply give a gift; it’s a way to improve the lives of those who are struggling. 50% of all funds raised for this Offering are given to both past and current church workers who need a little boost to get over life’s obstacles. The other 50% goes toward providing quality education to students seeking higher learning and leadership development at Presbyterian-related racial ethnic schools and colleges.


Thanks to your generosity, we can support those in need. Please help by visiting and give more this Christmas.


You can make this season even more special.

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