The most common question

In case you were wondering how I decide what to write about on here, I’ll share my secret: 

I take the questions I get from your phone calls, assume other people have those questions, and answer them on the internet. That’s it.

The most common question I get about this time of year is some variation of, “have you sent Christmas Joy Offering materials yet?”

Christmas Joy Offering header

(The answer is yes.)

Of course, that question is typically followed by one about how to order materials if they haven’t yet received theirs. Here are a few easy ways to find Christmas Joy Offering materials:

  • Call the Presbyterian Distribution Service at 800) 569-8030, or by emailing
  • Visit to see which materials you can print off on your own.
  • Visit the church store at to order online. You can type “2014 Christmas Joy” for a list, or enter the PDS numbers listed in your order form to find what you need.

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