How to Find Peace (Resources)

Hello again! 

Today in our preparation for the upcoming Peacemaking and Peace & Global Witness Offerings, I will help you find offering resources. 

To find resources related to Special Offerings, the best place to start is our website:

Special Offerings Site - Peace

You can find the materials for Peacemaking and Peace & Global Witness on the same page. Once you’re on this site, scroll down to the section titled Resources.

PGW Site - Resource Section

Clicking the appropriate link (whether you take Peacemaking or Peace & Global Witness) will take you to a resource page with all of the available resources for that offering. Or you could click here for Peacemaking and here for Peace & Global Witness. Examples of available resources include:

We even have an image you can use for a facebook cover photo!

PGW Facebook Cover Photo

Don’t miss the roll out of our 2014 Offering Video later this week on the blog!

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