GA: The Oscars of the Presbyterian Church

“This is like the Oscars of the Presbyterian Church,” I found myself saying one day at General Assembly.

Being at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church is none other than electrifying, energizing and all around Presby-nerdy. I met people who were “church-famous” and others who were “book-famous.” There were some that were so famous that I just watched them from afar (um, Jack Rogers).  I saw friends from a long ago and friends from yesterday. I met so many amazing people, I could hardly keep track.  Although, you can checkout #selfieswithsally on Facebook or Twitter to see some of the amazing folks I met (a couple of great examples are below.)


On top of it all, I was at General Assembly when votes of historic magnitude took place like the Synod Reorganizing, the Marriage Equality Vote, and Divestment.  Watching the proceedings, I learned intricacies and nuances of Presbyterian polity that I never dreamed could have existed. “Wait they are voting “NO” to vote “Yes?” (I found myself asking with a quizzical look.)

While being in the exhibit hall, I learned about the different artisans who bring goods to the Market Place. I learned about Fair Trade Coffee with the Presbyterian Coffee Project. I discovered associations I had never heard of and learned about the different groups supporting amazing work in the networks of the Presbyterian Church. I met people who were at GA for their specific political purpose. (I never knew there were so many).

When I came home, although being totally exhausted from the whole event of GA, I felt a buzzing energy at the same time. This energy arose from being around Presbyterians who are passionate about their church. I had countless conversations with people who were very articulate with not only the problems of the church but were confident that God was still moving in and through the PC(USA). And every one had stories of how God was moving and work in their own lives, churches and in the wider church.  

I came home from GA with an immense gratitude that God has called me to serve in this particular church at this particular time in history with people who have a vast love of God and a desire to serve. I can’t image someone leaves the Oscars with this feeling.

What an amazing church this Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is!!

Thanks Be to God!

In Peace,

Rev. Sally Wright 

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