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Dear Friend,

Roberto Peralta’s daughter loves broccoli. “That is kind of weird” for a 4-year-old, but she does. Without your support, his little girl probably wouldn’t have access to fresh broccoli.

Across our country, Latino immigrants are the most food-insecure population. You can help change that with a gift to One Great Hour of Sharing. See how your gift can help people like Roberto and his daughter. View their story here.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, the Presbyterian Hunger Program has been able to partner with Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden) and other successful organizations which address hunger and poverty through food production, income generation, advocacy and other holistic programs.

Huerto de la Familia is a community-based gardening and micro-enterprise program in Oregon. It works with Latino families to connect them with each other, their community, and the earth while growing their own organic food. That’s where Roberto’s daughter learned to garden and discovered her love for broccoli.

Give today—you’ll help children and families benefit from community gardens—gardens of hope.

In many urban areas, healthy and affordable produce is hard to find. Teaching people how to cultivate their own neighborhood gardens can provide balanced nutrition, income, meaningful employment, and a sense of community.

Please give to One Great Hour of Sharing today—you’ll help bring gardens of hope to others in need.

Faithfully yours,


Ruth Farrell
Presbyterian Hunger Program


P.S. Imagine the kind of world Isaiah wrote about in Chapter 65 where all people have a right to dignity and the work of their hands sustains their families with nutritious food and adequate housing. Communities get stronger. And, families lift themselves out of poverty. You can help make that happen. Give to One Great Hour of Sharing today.


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