Removing the Clouds of Ambiguity

Presbyterian Giving Catalog

One of my favorite things about working for Special Offerings is helping Presbyterians connect their decision to give, regardless of the amount, with the impact their gift can have in the life of another, but it’s also one of the most challenging. While we can share as many stories as we want (there are many) about how someone, somewhere, in the past benefited from one of the ministries supported by Special Offerings (don’t get me wrong, because these are great), we think we’ve found an even better way. 

This past autumn we launched the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. The purpose of this new resource, which is available in both print and online versions, is to distill the act of giving down to its lowest common denominator: giver/receiver, significantly reducing the natural ambiguity — so… where is my gift going exactly? — that exists in giving to any organization. As I have (somewhat crudely) illustrated below: 



Much like you’ve seen with other organizations, like Heifer International for example, the basic premise of the catalog is that you get to “choose” how your gift impacts the world. Whether you are former a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) who wants to help provide current YAVs with a weekly bus pass, or if you have a heart for Africa and want to help provide villages with clean water, you can give towards that; the gift options presented in the catalog cover an incredibly wide range of Presbyterian mission and ministry. 

Just to give you an idea of how this looks, here are a couple of example pages from the printed catalog (which you can download for free by clicking this link). 

Have a great Thursday afternoon!

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