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Ribbons of Hope at worship this morning

Each Thursday morning we gather for worship at the Church Center for the United Nations. Different ministries take a turn leading the service. This morning brought the turn of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. We focused on the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001. We did so to allow participants to create prayer… Read more »

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift?

Reprinted with permission from Walking with Guatemalan Sisters in Faith by Amanda Craft. Below are several suggestions about what we can do for our own mothers and /or for other mothers: 1. International Violence Against Women Act The International Violence…

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‘Coming home’ five years after Katrina struck

NBC special on August 29Watch a preview For many Americans, August 29 marks an anniversary that has scarred both bodies and souls. That was the day, five years ago, when Hurricane Katrina made a direct assault on New Orleans, Mississippi…

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Reflections on START

Various individuals, faith communities, think tanks, advocacy groups and more have commented on the recently signed START treaty that would reduce the number of nuclear arms held by the United States and Russia. Here are some of them: Statement by…

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Yupiks address toxic waste

In September, Presbyterian indigenous Yupik tribal leaders, youth, and elders visited policy makers in Washington, DC to discuss the environmental health issues caused by toxic waste at a former military base near their home in Alaska. Read more from the…

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