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Toward a land mine free Colombia

By Shellyann Lewis Today I attended an event on the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. This event was held at the United Nations and the panel discussions were on “Colombia: Keeping up the Momentum”. Demining in Colombia and various other countries such as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of… Read more »

Lend Your Leg – and more about landmines

Landmines kill and maim long after wars have ended.These weapons of no discrimination remain in the ground for years, maybe even decades, before someone or some animal comes along to detonate them. Then they maim and kill children, farmers and everyday citizens just as readily as they do people serving in the military. The United… Read more »

Land mine ban treaty by the numbers

The Arms Control Association provides facts and numbers (for example: 13 – the number of years since the United States has produced banned antipersonnel landmines.) that provide reasons for the Obama administration to sign the Mine Ban Treaty. Recognizing that…

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Ban the (Cluster) Bomb

On December 3, representatives from more than 80 countries gathered in Oslo, Norway to sign a treaty that bans cluster bombs. The United States did not take part. Cluster bombs are weapons of no discrimination that disperse hundreds of “bomblets,”…

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