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Malawi: The Big Picture

from the email newsletter of the Presbytery of Wabash Valleyby Phyllis Wezeman, First Presbyterian Church of South Bend & Malawi Mission Network “Malawi:  The Big Picture,” a three-day seminar co-sponsored by the Malawi Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Presbyterian Ministry of the United Nations, was attended by twenty-two people from the… Read more »

A prayer on a day of grief

Famine stalks the Horn of Africa. A bomb and gunfire rip Norway. Violence wracks Malawi and Syria. Rapes are perpetrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Atrocities are suspected in Southern Kordofan. Human rights are denied in Madagascar, Peru, and Colombia. Weak and vulnerable people are exploited and abused in the United States. In places… Read more »

Malawi: The fabric of life

The women in Malawi use a national dress that consists of a wrap skirt called a chitenje, which is made of a length of fabric between 4 and 6 yards. They sometimes make a blouse and headdress out of the…

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