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Minute for Mission: Pentecost Offering

“We plan and God laughs” is identified as a Yiddish proverb, the title of a book or two and the headline of multiple online articles meant to help people navigate periods in life when personal plans seem to disintegrate in front of their eyes. When we hear or read the proverb, it can be difficult not to nod along, especially when the phrase encapsulates something most of us have experienced: a perfect resume or proposal sent, but no word back; a flawless itinerary dissolved by the smallest delay; an event set to begin, upended by a storm; a setback or an entirely “new normal.”

Our kids and mental health

A North Carolina church youth group has been helping adolescents with mental health check-ins to improve their coping skills.

Engaging children in Matthew 25

The PC(USA)’s Matthew 25 invitation is being used to transform churches’ children and youth ministries.

The jig’s up

For really good ideas on how to serve the faithful at Park Ridge Presbyterian Church in suburban Chicago, the Rev. Amanda H. Joria often relies on her mother.

Methodist Church Milan has become an international model for inclusiveness

When migrants began arriving in large numbers, the Methodist Church Milan started discussions about how to create a culture of welcome. But members didn’t just talk. They are living fully within their own creation that has become a model for like-minded congregations around the world.

Minute for Mission: Educate a Child, Transform the World

During my first year as a pastor, there were certain milestones I knew to look forward to. I looked forward to the first time I stood at the communion table and invited my congregation to share in the feast, and the first time I marked an infant with water and proclaimed how much God loved her in baptism. I looked forward to my first Christmas and first sunrise Easter service. But there were other firsts that I didn’t know about that caught me off guard with their beauty.

Calling all heroes!

For each of the past few years, a trio of Korean- and English-language congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Community Church of Seattle with campuses in and around Seattle has hosted a communitywide Vacation Bible School called Toon Town. This summer, on the heels of the long and difficult coronavirus pandemic, Community Church of Seattle invites congregations across the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to join for an online VBS it’s calling Hero Academy.