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The kitchen is a holy place

When I came on board as a co-host of the “Food and Faith” podcast, I suggested to my other hosts, Anna Woofenden and Sam Chamelin, that I would love to have more people on the show talk to us about cooking. I wanted to hear how people connected cooking to their values, how the act of cooking can be meditative or reflective, and how people connect or reconnect in the kitchen to deepen family histories or discuss even deeper issues of heritage and race.

Creating a vital snapshot of Presbyterians

Did you know that Presbyterians are more willing than Americans, in general, to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly products? Or that one-third of Presbyterians belong to a congregation that is trying to become more racially and ethnically diverse?

‘More than Words’ explores modern family values

In an ever-polarizing religious landscape, More than Words by Erin Wathen offers an invitation to a way of life that deepens relationships, strengthens communities, and empowers readers to let go of rigid “values” systems, discovering instead the meaning and freedom that can be found in articulating and living out one’s own values.

Finding spiritual values in Oscar’s ‘Best Pictures’

Each year the Academy for Motion Pictures and Sciences nominates five to ten films for the “Best Picture” category. I wish that it were a full ten this year, with the addition of Martin Scorcese’s haunting Silence rounding out the number.