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What now?

Am I still on the right path? Am I spending time on what’s important? Is it steady as she goes, or time for a course correction? These questions may sound familiar. If you find yourself in a changing season, where-is-God-leading-me questions may be showing up in your prayers and wonderings.

Blooming out of season

Along the trail by the creek, maple leaves flash red against the yellows of the ash trees. It’s quite a show — and a confirmation that the chill in the air means business.

What I’ve learned in seven decades

What have I learned? An approaching birthday, one that ends in zero, has me thinking, not so much about academic knowledge, but more about the life experience sort of learning. The kind of observation-based wisdom I find in the book of Proverbs. The kind of practical stuff I might pass on to a grandchild or share with a friend. So I made a list. And here’s a sampling:

Maple buds and brimming cups

Look for signs of hope. The teachers of resilience offer this wisdom to the storm-tossed, the overwhelmed, the anxious. You may be way ahead of me here, but it’s advice I’m trying to take.