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sheltering in place

God makes all things new — even in a pandemic

The past year has been this odd dance of ever-changing realities and downright monotony. We have completely shifted how we live. From shopping to Sunday school, nothing is the same. All the while, this new way of living has meant staring at the same walls, the same Zoom screen and the same people day after day. Waking up to wonder what crazy thing happened while I slept, while at the same time realizing that today’s schedule will essentially look like yesterday’s, has pretty much sucked the creative lifeblood right out of me.

Straddling two continents

Like many Presbyterian mission co- workers, Dustin and Sherri Ellington have a foot in two worlds. The Ellingtons, who have served in Zambia with sons Clayton and Christopher since 2010, are currently in Pasadena, California, sheltering-in-place during the pandemic.

Advent’s offer of a ‘Great Reset’

As we approach Advent during this time of pandemic, we need to be intentional in the spiritual practice of resetting our lives and seeking holiness.

Sharing pandemic voices of hope in Peru

Throughout these times of quarantine, I have found myself singing more — children’s English and Spanish songs with our 2-year-old son, Leandro. These are songs I remember from high school and university choir, hymns, my mom’s songs or just humming random tunes. If I’m honest, my singing is not always an expression of joy.