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sara armstrong

Life in Lima ‘rich and unexpected’ for mission co-workers

As mission co-workers, we want to give you some idea of what it is like to live in Lima, the capital of Peru, home to some 12 million people. These events from recent months demonstrate some of the diverse ways we engage in life with Peruvians: On Oct. 31 we were invited to a dedication of the new bust of Martin Luther in one of the city’s largest parks, near downtown Lima. Since the community of Reformed Christians is small in Peru, perhaps just 1 percent of the population in this largely Catholic country, I expected only a handful of attendees. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find a whole section of the park recently painted for the occasion, a marching band playing traditional Peruvian music and reporters. The crowd included hundreds of pastors in suits, three school choirs, various church representatives, leaders from the Bible Society and the executive secretary of the Latin American Association of Reformed Churches, Dario Barolín of Argentina. Lutherans, Scottish, Peruvian and Korean Presbyterians — together we represented the whole gamut of Reformed Protestantism in Lima.