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rev. nicholas a. johnson

The Widow’s Mite has rich meaning for today’s givers

Four weeks of studying the underpinnings of systemic poverty came to an end Monday with a look at Luke’s account of the Widow’s Mite and a scholarly examination of the burden that debt has, especially on people living in poverty.

A just economy can provide six keys to help humans thrive

Climate change, according to the rev. abby mohaupt, has made it more difficult for many people, especially the poor, to access six keys to human existence — food, access to water, rest, home, safety and love.

An economic system nesting in God’s household

The presenter during Monday’s first of four webinars on the Matthew 25 focus of eradicating systemic poverty framed the road ahead with this question: How can we work together with others to bring the United States and the larger global economy more in line with our theological commitments?