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¿Quiere una mejor experiencia web para la IP (EE. UU.)?

Se le está dando al pueblo presbiteriano la oportunidad de opinar sobre el desarrollo de un nuevo sitio web de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE. Se ha comenzado a trabajar en el nuevo proyecto que incorporará el trabajo de la Oficina de la Asamblea General, la Agencia de Misión Presbiteriana y la Sociedad Histórica Presbiteriana, así como otros sitios ministeriales.

Want a better PC(USA) web experience?

Presbyterians are being given an opportunity to have a say in the development of a new Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) website. Work has begun on the new project that will incorporate the work of the Office of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Mission Agency and Presbyterian Historical Society, as well as other ministry sites.  

Mission co-workers share post-pandemic travel tips

When Expedia, an online travel site, released its 2022 travel trends report earlier this year, it discovered that not only was there a pent-up demand to pack one’s bags and take off on adventures unknown, but also the trips being planned were “GOATS” — “the greatest of all trips.”

Back to school means back to missions

It’s back to school time, and for parents that means helping children sharpen their pencils and charge their laptops in preparation for the first day. For children it means adapting to new morning routines and getting back to a studying and test-taking rhythm. And for pastors, it’s that wonderful time of year to bless school backpacks. While blessing backpacks is popular in big and small churches, it is only the start to what congregations can — and should — be doing to engage more deeply with local schools. According to Dr. Irvin Scott, a faculty member of Harvard Graduate School of Education, backpack blessings have grown over the years because they provide a relatively hassle-free, easy-to-execute outreach to families. “It’s a good first step,” said Scott, with emphasis on “first.”

Grassroots home churches thrive in Rwanda

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda opened its Center for Training and Documentation in 1996, two years after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

New online statistical resource launched by Presbyterian researchers

Church Trends, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s new online statistical resource, has bolstered the denomination’s ability to provide Presbyterians accessible, useful and timely information about their church, according to the research tool’s developer.

When Americans say they believe in God, what do they mean?

A new Pew Research Center survey of more than 4,700 U.S. adults finds that one-third of Americans say they do not believe in the God of the Bible, but that they do believe there is some other higher power or spiritual force in the universe. A slim majority of Americans (56 percent) say they believe in God “as described in the Bible.” And one-in-ten do not believe in any higher power or spiritual force. 

Four overarching themes come out of new worshiping communities research

After the 2017 “Living, Dying, Rising” conference took place in August in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, a sociologist from the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Research Services department conducted informal interviews of participants, most of whom were leaders of new worshiping communities (NWCs).

How churches use data to reveal mission and ministry opportunities

Presbyterians are known as belonging to a “thinking” denomination. Our Reformed theology emphasizes the importance of having an educated clergy and an informed laity, and we have a long tradition of involvement in education, with more than 50 Presbyterian colleges and universities.

Research shows gap in parents’ and pastors’ objectives for youth ministry

Parents and youth ministry leaders have differing views on youth ministry, suggests a recent report from the Barna Group. The report, “Pastors and Parents Differ on Youth Ministry Goals,” is derived from the comprehensive State of Youth Ministry study released last November in cooperation with youth ministry resource organizations Youth Specialties and YouthWorks.