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priscilla andre-colton

APCE Annual Event workshop resonates with the experience of seasoned church educators

Anne Wilson, a longtime Christian educator who lives in Houston, led a workshop featuring a panel of fellow faith formation enthusiasts titled “Fresh Elastic for Stretched-Out Educators” during the recent APCE Annual Event held online and in St. Louis. Panelists included Priscilla Andre-Colton, a certified Christian educator; the Rev. Dr. Von Clemans, a retired pastor and educator; Debbie Hogue, a certified Christian educator; and Linda LeBron of Decatur, Georgia, an educator who joined via Zoom.

Presbyterian church educators return to school this week

The 700 or so people set to gather in Galveston, Texas this week for the annual event of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators can dip their toes not only into the Gulf of Mexico, but into the swirling, often competing demands on faith formation in a world where traditional Christian education venues like Sunday school don’t necessarily meet people where they’re at.