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Sowing seeds of hope

Paola Tognarelli’s connection to Mother Earth is sacred. Just like the bond she now shares with the other significant women in her life.

A haven for refugees faces closure in Greece

Just off the coast of Turkey, the Moria Refugee Camp on the Greek island of Lesvos has become an important stop for migrants fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and other places around the world. After a massive fire at the Moria camp last month, the Greek government has notified Pikpa camp it must cease operations by Oct. 15.

One Great Hour of Sharing gifts save lives and livelihoods in famine-stricken countries

Before a hunger emergency struck Somalia, Hawo Abdi and her husband were successful herders near their country’s border with Kenya. However, two years of intensive drought parched the land to the point that they could no longer raise the camels, cattle, sheep and goats that supported their pastoralist lifestyle. The country’s civil war added further complications to the situation. As her family faced economic ruin, Abdi’s husband died, and at the time of his death, she was two months pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

One Great Hour of Sharing gifts support housing affordability and fairness

For more than a decade, Monica Jones enjoyed her Jersey City, New Jersey, apartment and a good relationship with her landlord. However, a few years ago Jones’ housing situation began to change. When a new landlord acquired her building, Jones soon started getting notices summoning her to court. At different times, the landlord contended that she had been late with a rent payment, had failed to pay an increased rent charge and/or had failed to pay the rent at all. Other longtime residents of her 18-unit building were having similar experiences.