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mission yearbook

What does Lithuania have to teach us about war?

A small country on the Baltic Sea with lessons to teach about the travails and tragedies of war will be the focus of a travel study seminar hosted by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program this fall.

In the footsteps of the Queen of Sheba

Many may recall the Queen of Sheba, who, according to 1 Kings 10, caravanned from East Africa to visit King Solomon of the Israelites, a monarch deemed wiser than all the sages of Egypt and the Middle East.

Minute for Mission: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

They left their homeland in fear of persecution and ethnic cleansing … A heartbreaking tragedy is unfolding in Armenia due to continuous greedy and barbaric invasions by Azerbaijan. More than 120,000 innocent people of Artsakh (the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), who endured starvation for over nine months under severe blockade, have been forced to flee their homeland to save their lives. They left in fear of persecution and ethnic cleansing, abandoning an irreplaceable cultural and religious landscape that includes at least 300 Armenian heritage sites, ranging from exquisite medieval monasteries to historic cemeteries adorned with iconic Armenian engraved cross stones. Recent history, just over the past two years, demonstrates the inevitable risk of dismantling, destruction and falsification of these cultural and religious sites.

Minute for Mission: Earth Day

When thinking of the Arctic, many cling to an image of pristine white tundra. This is far from reality. Research is confirming that the Arctic contains some of the most highly contaminated animals and people in the world due to the persistent industrial chemicals and pesticides that are transported on atmospheric and oceanic currents from lower latitudes. Much of this pollution comes from both plastic production and plastic contamination.